How to send parcel

1. Select "Send parcel" at the parcel point
Fill in the parcel, and packed parcels. On the touch screen, select the destination of the parcel. The recipient's mobile phone number is important! It is needed so that the recipient can be notified of the parcel's arrival.

2. Select locker size
S, M, L or XL according to the size of your parcel. For measuring parcel size, there is a measuring tape sticker on the side of the parcel point with which you can easily see the lockers' inner measurements. The payment is determined according to your selection.

3. Use a chip card to pay for the shipment
The parcel point notifies you of the parcel price. Pay for the shipment with a debit or credit card which has a chip. The payment terminal is below the touch screen. Once you have paid, the door of one locker will open.

4. Put the parcel in the locker
Carefully shut the door. If you want a receipt, press the receipt icon on the screen. The receipt includes the shipment tracking code. The parcel will be delivered to the Baoqing Parcel Point or postal outlet of your choice, and an arrival notification will be sent to the recipient's mobile phone number.

parcle locker
parcle locker

How to pick up a parcel

1.Your customer get a text message which has the locker opening code Your customer will receive a text message notification when your parcel arrives at the parcel point of your choice. Do not delete the message, you will need it when you pick up your parcel. The parcel will be stored in the parcel point for seven days after arrival.

2. Select "Pickup" at the parcel point
Enter the code which is included in the text message. The parcel point indicates the location of the locker. Press the "Avaa lokero" button and the locker will open. If you ordered your shipment by cash on delivery, pay it now by using a debit or credit card that has a chip.

3. The locker opens
Take your shipment from the locker and carefully shut the door.

How courier remove parcel

1. Courier login in the management system, open the box need to be addressed

2. Removed the package, closed box

parcle lokcer
smart parcle locker

How courier Delivery

1. Courier login in the management system, wrapped into the appropriate boxes

2. Courier input parcel information

3. Turn off the box, the system will send a short message to the recipient