Parcel locker  and luggage lockers are strong and secure, but with an attractive appearance.

They use the very latest technology, and can be installed indoors or, with protection, outdoors.

Banks of lockers can be STAND-ALONE - or NETWORKED with a PC and remotely managed.


■Wide, user-friendly screen interface
■Made of 1 mm galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel
■Scratch-resistant stainless steel locker base
■No moving parts on locker doors
■Payment at lockers: CASH/CARD
■Hire charge allows one-off hire, or alternatively, multiple opening during hire - please specify your preference
■Paypoint issues customer with a BAR CODE TICKET. Options: TOKEN/PIN.
■Charges and hire times: set by Operator. Can be modified to suit the location, including penalty and excess charges to discourage lengthy hires.
■Full 'events log' to trace all transactions.
Other options: e.g.

. sloping roof

. cameras. 


 As we design and manufacture our own products,

please just ask if you need any additional features.