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Baoqing Intelligent Releases the Best Quality Network-based Laundry Locker with Multi-language Facility
Time: 2015-11-21 12:13:33     Copyfrom: Baoqing Intelligent


Baoqing intelligent launches smart laundry locker in compliance with the multi-language method, which can provide services to customers all over the world. The general process is: customers place an order with the mobile phone, the system assign a grid from the laundry locker to the customer; if the laundry locker is in a wrong position, customers can choose the nearest one; customers come to locker, scan the QR code on the laundry locker with the APP, the assigned grid will open, customers put the clothes into the laundry bag in the grid (the laundry bag has a bar code, the clerk will put a new laundry bag into the grid after taking away the laundry bag each time).The laundry staff can always see how many laundry bags from the APP and decide when to pick up by themselves.

Compared to the  traditional laundry, the advantages of network-based laundry locker is enhanced with smartness, simplicity, less more prone to error, all the information stored in the local and remote server, the remote server knowing the operation of multiple devices, and easy to search. The network-based laundry locker is suitable for large-scale operation. The orders from days, months to years are clear for financial management.

Traditional laundry locker is suitable for a laundry, because it is not prone to error with not much business. But it means that people in a building can only choose a laundry, unless many laundries put laundry lockers into the building, but still not convenient. Network-based laundry locker can serve multiple laundries; customers can choose which laundry company to use. Laundry locker is a resident living facility, which needs professional companies to install, maintain and repair. Having broad market aspects, the networked-based laundry locker is more suitable for the professional company operation and easier to show scale.

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