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Application of the parcel lockers let people’s life become more convenient
Time: 2014-10-06 07:23:36     Copyfrom: Baoqing Intelligent


With the development of electronic commerce, the number of parcels in people’s daily has greatly increasing. In this case, the so-called Parcel lockers come into being so that these online e-commerce companies, courier companies, property companies and consumers are all get related benefit for this machine. Generally speaking, the creating of Parcel lockers makes people’s life become more convenient. As the introduction of the editor from famous China parcel lockers supplier, the operation for this machine is very easy for each people. After the verify for the identity, the courier could send the parcel into the cabinet, then, the system will automatically sends the password to the customer and the customer could receive their package by the password.

After the application of parcel lockers, Couriers and consumers have more freedom space to choose the time for distribution and receipt. This could not only bring convenience to both side, but also conducive to enhance the success rate of package delivery and reduce secondary delivery. On the other hand, the application of the Parcel lockers could also reduce the delivery cost with the certain extent. The application of this machine could also help to protect consumer privacy and personal security role. Automated Express cabinet could also improve the situation of parcel hill in the property office or guard office, which could greatly ease the workload of these staff.

Today, in order to help people know more information about this device, the famous intelligent parcel machines supplier Shanghai Baoqing Intelligent Technology will introduce with people each factor for this machine.

The information technology development of E-commerce companies and courier companies require all process monitoring without blind spots. The “last one kilometer” should be long period problem for these companies. The Intelligent parcel machines from use widely sorts of high-tech means to effectively solve a lot of problems. When courier put parcel into cabinet, the information will be promptly delivered to the courier company’s information systems so that the courier companies can effectively track the parcel but also can send the relevant package information to these related e-commerce company.

This parcel lockers could automatically sends the password to the recipient. Of course, depending on the different project it can also take APP pushing way to send password to customer. When the customer receives the password can come at any time to take their package by entering the simply password. Customers received information could also be sent to the courier company’s system and e-commerce companies. In addition, this machine will be also equipped with general devices such as pinhole camera and environmental surveillance cameras. The machine data and the related picture can also effectively reduce the number of disputes. On the other hand, thos equipment will also be equipped with some physical sensors which can let the management become more comfortable and security.

These E-commerce companies will also be involved in the package returning. In the case of returning, the customer should download the single goods returning invoice and scan it on the cabinet and then the door of this machine will be opened. The customer needs put the parcel into the box grid and then shut the door. This is the wholly process of parcel returning. Some courier companies will also charge some contract for package sending. Customers can also enter the name, address, telephone and other related information of the recipient and then pay the delivery money. After these processes, the door will open and customers could put parcel to the grid box and then shut the door. All processes above are the sending work of this machine.

The Parcel lockers will automatically send information to the courier company and the related regional courier can always check the appropriate package picking information and then they could determine their package picking up pieces based on their own business case. After verify the identity to the device, the courier could take all of the sending packages away from the  Parcel lockers then the system can send a message to the consumer to announce them that the package has been taken away by the courier. .

The parcel lockers could effectively divide the time from sending pieces, package receiving, mailing and taking express. This factor could greatly facilitates every consumer and enhance the working efficiency of the courier. The application of parcel lockers in people’s daily life can deeply improve the comfortable level of people life. If investors have regarded interesting about this parcel lockers, please do not hesitate to contact with famous Chinese suppliers

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