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Fresh food parcel delivery locker

Fresh food parcel delivery locker Characteristic
1, the overall length of 1189mm, deep 1898.5mm., high 435mm
2, box 40, box space available for 220*110*350mm.
8, 3 inch touch screen, 12 Inch Touch Screen optional.
4, surveillance camera.
5, two dimensional code scanning gun, can scan the phone screen.
6, voice reminder.
7, industrial grade 3G router.
8, temperature detection and temperature control is divided into 5 separate areas, temperature control precision.
9, polyurethane foam insulation, the average heating power is as low as 400W.
10, LED advertising board released dishes.
11, intelligent sensing, burglar alarm.
12, electric energy meter.
13, leakage protection.
14, convenient maintenance.
15, can be fixed universal wheel.
16, light box advertising
17, cable, WIFI, 3G router 3 kinds of Internet access options.
18, box control circuit board, extremely safe and reliable.
19, color optional.

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